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CONSEN Euro-Group 2005-2008

CONSEN Euro-Group is a Grouping of European SMEs who have agreed to cooperate as Euro-Cluster in Information Society Technologies projects, tenders and business throughout Europe.

CONSEN (Coordinate Open Neural info-Space of European Network e-centers) has been the society for information professionals and micro-companies leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information and communication.

CONSEN is a non-profit, independent and international consulting firm constituted in November of 2004 in Barcelona.

CONSEN aims to maximize socio-economic benefits acting Pro-Information Society and Open Technologies.

The companies are all experts in Open-Source Software, Contents, Standards, Infrastructures and Information Society Technologies.

A member of CONSEN Partners network Grouping owns a shares and pays an annual fee and receives benefits in four major areas: research and innovation, marketing and promotion, network building, and organization.

CONSEN is a European OS/IST Cluster built with the networking methodologies and competences of our partners.


The main objective of the CONSEN (EEIG) is to establish an ongoing and effective dialogue between members focused on Research, Development, Innovation and Business of Open Technological Solutions for Information and Communication at European level.

CONSEN brings together diverse areas and streams of knowledge, focusing what might be disparate approaches into novel and operative solutions to common problems in Information Society Technologies. CONSEN bridges the gaps not only between disciplines but also between the research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments.

CONSEN aims to function as the focal point for partners wishing to work inside the EU and for the EU.The CONSEN partner's commitment maximizes the Socio-Economic benefits of CONSEN activities.

The CONSEN member's strategy is to share resources and assets, to exploit and manage the network competencies of their members with synergic effect.

The partnership of CONSEN is focused on growing open source business and solutions by pooling resources for collective actions in Consulting; Marketing and Business, in three Layers:

Research and Innovation projects, Tenders and Bids and IST join Brochure for Technological Business.

CONSEN is evolving to a cooperative society to enhance the exploitation of the partners competences and the building of a fair market, trade in Open Source technologies. Knowledge Management System
CONSEN Info-Spaces

CONSEN European cooperation

CONSEN coopThe CONSEN objectives are to present and carry out innovative initiatives and projects in IST, trying to maximize the quality and the socio-economic benefits, in the following areas:

  • Research, Development, Implementation, Promotion and Sustainable Exploitation of the cooperative technologic and business networks formed by micro and small companies and organization.
  • RTD+I of Organizational and Operative networked problems, such as legalizing, registering, acting, banking, accounting, trusting/authenticating and monitoring.
  • Promotion and Sustainable Exploitation to create a real wide market - connected, sorted and structured - of opportunities.
  • Systemic Procedure to bottom up? initiatives, research and leverage knowledge and transfer from the European Organization the technology and innovation to individual members with efficiency.
  • Help and train individual members to convert this innovation in competitiveness and local business for its benefit and organization reinvestment, etc.
  • Exploration, Promotion and exploitation of the Open Source Solutions: Software, Contents, Protocols, Standards, Communities, Platforms and Infrastructures.
  • Clustering resources and hibridyzing competences catalogue for improving Technological results and Business generation.

CONSEN coopAmazing techniques and technologies evolve daily in the fields of information science, communication, and networking technologies. Yet as isolated groups, information professionals in one field often are insulated from developments in others. CONSEN is the professional society that bridges the gap between the diverse needs of researchers, developers, practitioners and end users, and between the challenge and opportunities associated with emerging technologies and applications and in particular in networking cooperation.

Consensuality is the active collaboration for the pleasure and well-being of all concerned.

CONSEN concerns the Open-Source philosophy: software, contents, standards, protocols and infrastructures, to generate open technological solutions for open business which is, by definition, an Open-Door to the cooperation, to the partnership and thus to the networking success

CONSEN offers a wide range of services on Innovation & Technology Policy and Development projects for organizations such as the European Commission, National and Regional European Authorities and the Public and Private Sector.

CONSEN works with a wide variety of communications Open-Source and Interoperable tools ranging networking organizational websites development to public relations.

Natural Information Open models
Aims CONSEN cooperative Info-SpacesCONSEN personnel consists of experts and associates with specializations in the areas of Technology Policy, Innovation Management, IT & Telecommunications, Investments, Business Management, Economic Analysis & Planning, Regional Development, Communication and Law.

CONSEN grouping's acts as extension of the company internal organization, fostering cooperation and transferring technology, innovation and knowledge.

CONSEN facilitates them to acquire and put into practice new technologies, cooperate with research institutes to develop systems and application in response to industrial demand of creation of new markets, new business models and new profit centres.

For Research and Innovation CONSEN coordinates communications activities from diverse projects, networks and communities creating the 'Competence of Excellence Synergies', managing the organisation of workshops and annual events, hosting websites, distributing news-letters, creating publications, building communiities and animating Information and Communication spaces.

The aim of the CONSEN grouping is to support organizations and businesses in the EU in responding more efficiently to the challenges of the new economy and the internationalized competitive environment.

CONSEN business is pan-European, crafted with our national members. We have native speakers in-house and can tap into our international network of 10 agencies in 8 European countries.