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Why join us?


  • Interested in working at European level?
  • Willing to join an innovative multi-disciplinary team?
  • Concerned about socially responsible projects?
  • Are you high skilled and competent for networking cooperation?
  • Willing to research Information Society Technologies?
  • In need of guarantees and capabilities to propose projects and apply tenders?



  • Be more independent
  • Benefit of high value IT services with low cost
  • Benefit of joint competences and wide catalogue of IT services
  • Carry out European projects with global scope
  • Be shareholder of your cooperative company
  • Synchronise your external clients with regular internal services provision
  • Get the support and facilities of a consolidated and solid cooperative company



The SCE provides you with a wide calatogue of shared common services at the best prize:

Formation, Representation, Brokerage, Business, Translation, Innovation, Legal/Financial, Lobby, Web-hosting, Networking, Trainings, Seminars, Security, Audits, Guarantees,..

You provide SCE with your competitive IT and business services:

You provide SCE projects with your research and technological services:

Who are the cooperants?

  • Information and High technology Entrepreneurs

  • Micro-companies and Professionals

  • Shareholders and full/partial time workers simultaneously, sharing resources and infrastructures facilities, joining multi-disciplinary competences, abilities and capabilities, taking advantatge of synergistic effects.


  • European projects
  • Trans-national cooperation in a Network organization
  • Non-profit aim (full reinvestment of benefits)
  • Ambitious and Social exploitation
  • One Partner one vote (democracy) and Modern Internal Rules Limited responsibility
  • Annual general assembly
  • Accounts and Management Audited
  • Openess to future Investors
  • Technological providers
  • IT Cluster and Alliance


Executive Board formed by President, Secretary and Treasurer and annual general Assembly of members to approve the audited economic results and the proposed workplan and budget. Internal rules and Legal Statutes.

Why join us?