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WEKOMS provides solid web presences to companies, organisations and individuals. Our focus is on easy-to-use content and community management frameworks and social software that allow our customer to have their website custom-tailored to their specific needs and online now.

WEKOMS based on Drupal software - is service that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a great variety of content on a website. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, WEKOMS lets you build a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs, corporate websites and e-commerce websites, to large community-driven websites. This website introduces you to the services and gets you up to speed with building the best solutions for your site.

Easy to use Cost effective and secure Higly customizable and integrative

Everything is done through a simple web interface. No set-up, We do that. You will not notice that advanced technology under the hood. Just push button and publish. Powerful WYSIWYG Editor for easy text and image management. We take care of server maintenance and security - all you have to do is create your content

No unplanned extra expenses. everything is included in the monthly price. SEO is included in the system through standards and semantic URLs. Based on Open Source software (OSS) Drupal securing continuous development so your site will not risk ending on outdated software. Thousands of user and developers worldwide test the system daily for security.

You only have to choose from a big number of set-ups corresponding to your needs or talk to us about a unique set-up that fit your purposes perfectly.

Modularity and themeability gives you the look and feel you want. Will provide you with OPML and RSS for your and your user's convenience.

WEKOMS type 1

Project Consortium - as temporal network organization focused on carry out a project. The consortium is formed normally from five to thirty companies, professionals or/and organizations.

The consortium needs to manage the project and the network: a common repository of resources; the internal and external communications; the edition and publication of document; the objectives, the work-plab calendar and the cost control of tasks.

WEKOMS type 2

One company with a distributed organization. The resources, delegations, offices, partners and professionals free-lancers are distributed.

The key-point of the management of this is to integrate in the same business model and unique control system, the different centers, units, blocks and process.



WEKOMS type 3

Virtual enterprises diverse companies sharing resources, tasks (many points of decision) and a common business, legal and strategic framework. This model needs as for type2 plus accepted rules for internal projects, financing, legal and realization.

All activities that may be required by a set of people or machines, which communicate and interact with each other as well as with the outside "environment", in order to achieve a common, technical or economical, goal and/or perform a task together, in/dependent of the organisational and/or geographical location of these people or machines.



About the WEKOMS platform

WEKOMS is an Open Source (OS) and has been developed using state-of-the-art technology, based on the Drupal (FOSS) Content Management System and Communities Framework Manager. It is a CONSEN grouping initiative founded by private investment and promoted internationally in a cooperative effort of the members inthe last four years.

Organizations served by WEKOMS include the own CONSEN Euro-Group, as international non-profit organisations, carrying out research and technological development and innovation projects in Information Open Technologies.

The size and features of CONSEN is similar a Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) working in a international level.

WEKOMS Web-plans

WEKOMS allows the implementation of a wide spectrum of knowledge management applications for modern distributed organizations. It offers in a set of modules - around one hundred - Management Tools, addressing most of the working requirements of users, team-works and companies, sharing a common information and communication environment, operative rules and procedures and business models.

The WEKOMS Cooperative Platform was developed using a CLUSTERING MODEL in order to provide distributed organisations a "common habitat" on which various work-teams and special interetsed groups composed by voluntaries or workers, particpants or member of the organisation (e.g. staff, partners, clients, suppliers, etc.) can co-work with the maximum knowledge outcomes and benefits.

The whole WEKOMS environment divides its resources into biological habitats where groups and users interact.The Participants has a Individual Profile, which defines his access rights for each resource, service, area and habitat, including access to specific actions, sections and/or services.

The Participant Profile defines the level of privacy for accessing to the Personal and Private Information (PAPI). Furthermore, the profile provide a Standard Taxonomy of Competences supporting any profiling, seraching and matching advanced process.

WEKOMS provides on-line full services supporting the knowledge exchanged by users, groups and organizations. Furthermore, it is fully equipped with business models and knowledge management features. It fulfils the increasing need for a powerful, flexible, reliable and user friendly cooperative environment INFO-SPACE. It enables a given community (committee, working group, project group, etc.), geographically distributed, to maintain a private space on the Internet, for sharing and archiving documents, organising online discussions, meetings and benefiting from all its other functionality.

WEKOMS provides s multilingual environment, supporting language habitats and personalization of the participants, data and services.

Generally speaking, the core WEKOMS services are the following:

  • Web Manager/Web Content Management, providing a mini-Web space for the Workgroup presentation and all functionalities required for the creation, management and maintenance of an integrated website;
  • Document Manager, providing a multi-function repository, holding documents organized in a folder tree structure, and together covering most of the popular known Document Management functionality available in the market;
  • Group Manager, providing tools for the management of user accounts, the Workgroup membership and maintenance of members? personal information;
  • E-mail & SMS, providing access to e-mails as well as other e-mail and SMS-sending functionalities;
  • Forum, providing an area for discussions among WorkGroup members for various subjects of interest and all other required functionalities for the management and moderation of this area;
  • Calendar, managing the meetings and events schedule of the WorkGgroup, supporting the preparation, announcement and administration of meetings and events, and also including the functionality for Virtual Meetings (chat rooms);
  • Workflow/Workflow Designer, supporting on-line design of business processes and their dissemination as well as generally team-working and cooperation between the WorkGroup Members;
  • Search, providing simple and advanced search functionalities; and
  • On-line Help, providing detailed information for the activities supported by each service.
In the context of versioning has been employed with a view to enhance it according to the requirements set by the proof-of-concept validation exercise during the tunning initial process.

To report a problem or ask for technical support with regard to please send e-mail to


The website is Static Brochure and Showroom of the WEKOMS product and services. is an advanced and operative demonstration of all full features in evolution for the management of the projects, the community of users and the CONSEN dis